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Panda crafty is your one-stop destination for sourcing wholesale craft supplies in China.

We deliver exceptional wholesale sourcing solutions for your craft supply needs, at affordable rates.

Be it for your business, or for kids and also adults, we've got you covered! Whatever you need, we will provide.

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Det er gratis å få løsningen med budsjettet

Forsyninger i bulk? Du har lykken!

Hvis du ønsker å kjøpe håndverksforsyninger i bulk, trenger du ikke lete lenger. Panda Crafty er her for deg.

Fortell oss nøyaktig hva du trenger, så gir vi deg det riktige tilbudet.

Vår verdi og raske service er uovertruffen hvor som helst.

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Treverk og verktøy


Håndtak av trepose


Håndtak av trepose


Håndtak av trepose


Håndtak av trepose


Håndtak av trepose


Håndtak av trepose


Håndtak av trepose


Håndtak av trepose


Håndtak av trepose


Håndtak av trepose


Håndtak av trepose

Hvis du leter etter kunst og håndverk forsyninger for voksne og barn, DIY / STEM barn

for hobbyer, dekorasjon, håndverk, utdanning, gave og leker

du har kommet til rett sted

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Craft Supplies you could have from Panda Crafty

In-stock Craft Kits

Collecting the kinds of craft  supplies that in stock from  China.

Running fast, you could choose even fastest 5 work days to door to US/UK/Asian.

It is 10-20 days Turn-around 

Custom Craft material 

Sourcing the basic craft material, Custom Craft Supplies by cutting service, by repack, by combination

Branding Craft Tools

Sourcing the tool and make a branding solution like Silk printing logo/ laser logo  / Printed Label,  Printed boxes for the tools )

Crafts Activity

One-Stop Solution for your Wholesale Craft Supplies in China

Sourcing bulk items for your craft project. 

Manage and make your DIY toys. 

Long-term partner as your one buying office in China

Be your Wholesale Craft Supplies China Partner  

Hvorfor Panda C r a f t y

"Panda Crafty hjelper meg å spare tid og kjøre enkelt å kjøpe alt fra Kina, for å finne enda 40+ håndverksforsyninger per gang."

Richard (eier av leketøyvirksomhet for barn)

"Panda Crafty hjelper meg å spare tid og kjøre enkelt å kjøpe alt fra Kina, for å finne enda 40+ håndverksforsyninger per gang."

Richard (eier av leketøyvirksomhet for barn)

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Timely Response

Get your quote in as fast as from 12 hours to 3 days.

Robust Catalogue

Over 6000 plus craft supplies and products available in our CRM so we can give quotes fast and easily, and ensure speedy sourcing in China.

A Known-You supplier is working for you

You will no need to tell everything to every supplier, we know your quality requirement, target price level, delivery and turn-around time for long term cooperated

Wholesale Prices

No matter the quantity of your order, you get good wholesale prices. This is as a result of our close relationships with craft manufacturers and suppliers. Save Money and resources when ordering in bulk.


Quality Assurance

We give you quality and value for every craft material you buy while ensuring your target price level, turn-around rate and delivery time has adhered. We cherish bringing value to our customers

Friendly Business Structure

We are easy and accommodating to small businesses to help them running and growing. Our services here start from $100 for small businesses which need DIY crafts supplies

Flexible Delivery Options 

  • We have flexible delivery options available to make sure your order gets to your door in no time. This includes by Express, Air and sea with import tax included. Our delivery rates are affordable and you enjoy lesser unit price on average if shipping more products together:

  • By Express, the better price per KG if more than 20kg,

  • By Air, the better price per KG if more than 100KG.

By Sea, constant price per each CBM, so just fill it if you could

Hva Panda Crafty gjør

På Panda Crafty kjøper og kjøper vi agenter for kunst og håndverk i Kina.


Med våre fasiliteter i Shanghai, Lanxi og Yixing, tilbyr vi forskjellige løsninger for å imøtekomme dine håndverksbehov i henhold til budsjettet.

Hvis du leter etter håndverksforsyninger til kunst og håndverk, DIY kreative forsyninger i bulk, er Panda Crafty her for deg. Våre tjenester inkluderer:

  • Å kjøpe de riktige håndverksforsyningene for deg, slik at du sparer tid og penger.

  • Utvikling av nye design og prøver i henhold til dine spesifikasjoner og krav.

  • Regelmessig produksjonsoppfølging, stive kvalitetskontrolltiltak og gjennomføring av inspeksjoner for å sikre rask levering av ordrer i god form.

  • Konsolidering av forsendelser og containere, kontakt med tilpassede husagenter og fraktagenter.

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INGEN betaling før du ser de riktige produktene

4. Bestill

Bekreft og betal for prøver eller bestillinger

A name to source

Du har en liste over håndverksforsyninger for bedriften din, uten spesifikasjon. Panda Crafty erfaring for å finne håndverksforsyninger til engrospris, vil hjelpe deg med å få virksomheten din lettere

A picture to source

Du har en liste over håndverksforsyninger for bedriften din, uten spesifikasjon. Panda Crafty erfaring for å finne håndverksforsyninger til engrospris, vil hjelpe deg med å få virksomheten din lettere

A project idea to source

Du har en liste over håndverksforsyninger for bedriften din, uten spesifikasjon. Panda Crafty erfaring for å finne håndverksforsyninger til engrospris, vil hjelpe deg med å få virksomheten din lettere

A picture to source

Du har en liste over håndverksforsyninger for bedriften din, uten spesifikasjon. Panda Crafty erfaring for å finne håndverksforsyninger til engrospris, vil hjelpe deg med å få virksomheten din lettere

You can focus on business and we handle everything until you receive the craft supplies 

Hvem har engros håndverksforsyninger fra oss

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Frequently Asked Questions

All the questions and answers about what, when, how you could get your craft supplies by China sourcing agents from Panda Crafty 

1. Can I order samples?

Yes, for Craft products samples that are in stock, we could buy and prepare for it.

You can get free samples, but you charge of the freight cost for long term wholesale craft supplies business partners.

We always want to make sure the customer understands what they’ll be receiving from us in their shipment, so thusly samples are very important to us.

If you’re looking for wholesale arts and crafts supplies custom samples, depending of what craft materials you’re in need of we can work with you.

2. Do I pay before I receive my samples?

Yes, payment is only after you’re completely satisfied with the details of the product we show by picture and videos .

We’re confident in the manufacturers we use and the laborious quality checks we run that the samples will meet the mark.

For us it’s important that when a client is looking to buy wholesale craft supplies in bulk that they get a chance to hold and see the product for themselves via samples. 

3. Is there a minimum order that has to be made?

No, we don’t have minimum order required to make an order.

Once we have the craft supplies in stock, we can ship them out to you, no matter the quantity.

If you’re in search of the most reasonable price for wholesale craft supplies, it’s better to order at least 22KG worth of product to get the most out of freight cost on average.

4. Is it possible to purchase plastic packaging with my company logo on it?

Yes, you can have one logo printed in color on our common size bag.

This bag zip bag is perfect for many sorts of wholesale craft supplies.

It is a breathable bag, with one non-woven, and the other side is clear PE for printing logo.

The fact that there is a clear side means that there’s no need to print the warning for children on crafts within their age group.

Size options:

15x20cm, 20x25cm, 20x30cm, 25x30cm, 27x35cm, 30x40cm, 35x45cm,

40x50cm, 45x56cm, 45x65cm

5. What is the lead time?

We try to make sure that your wholesale craft supplies get to their end user as efficiently as possible.

If the product is in stock, it is about 2-4 days to get them in our warehouse, this sometimes involves purchasing from other factories.

1-2 days inspection and then we ship them out to our forwarder.

5-10 days to shipping out.

5-15 days to ship by express or air to your door.

40-60 days to ship by sea or by train to your door.

Please feel free to send us an email about your wholesale arts and crafts supplies needs and we’ll offer you the best shipping time we possibly can for the right price that suits you.

6. How much will my order cost with shipment?

That is not a stable price during this COVID-19 period, as transit has been affected so heavily, we’re unable to say for sure.

We offer custom quotes for wholesale arts and crafts supplies for individual orders.

The price you’re given is shipping from us directly to your door, we handle everything in between for you.

Be confident in the knowledge however that despite the shipping setbacks we’ve been providing customers worldwide throughout the pandemic with their wholesale craft supplies and will continue to offer the best customer service we possible can for those looking for wholesale craft supplies directly from China.

7. Where in the world do you ship to? Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we ship internationally.

Panda Crafty ships to the US, the UK, Europe and Asia.

If you need wholesale craft supplies in bulk for a business or for yourself, we will work with you to get the product you need shipped direct to your door.

8. How long will it take to ship out?

If the product is in stock, then it’ll take 5-10 days.

If the product is a custom order, it will take 10-20 days.

If original equipment is being manufactured for a bigger order, it will be 30-60 days depending on the details.

We are more than happy to talk with our clients and work out a timeframe that works for them and their business.

The most important thing to Panda Crafty is that the end clients are getting their wholesale craft supplies in a timely manner.

9. What size companies do you work with?

Every size! We work with individuals right the way up to large scale craft companies in need of wholesale arts and crafts supplies.

Panda Crafty looks to cater to all manner of craft enthusiasts whether that’s for personal or business uses.

From DIY craft supplies for the individual to wholesale craft supplies in bulk for businesses, we want to make sure that all our clients are well taken care of in a timely and price-conscious way.

10. Will I get updates on my order?

Yes, our team are communicative and highly skilled in both order and shipping management.

They are always available should you wish to know what stage your wholesale arts and crafts order is at.

11. How hands on do I have to be when ordering?

Panda Crafty wants to makes the experience of buying wholesale craft supplies in bulk as stress-free as possible for all of its clients.

That means that when it comes to the ordering process, once you’ve placed your order, we’re there to handle the rest! We will liaise with manufacturers, quality control, shipping businesses, imports and anything else that might arise. Should there be any issues in aspect of the order we will inform you and offer you the best possible outcome.

12. Do you offer OEM/ODM services?

We’re pleased to say that we do!

We offer both original equipment manufacturing (OEM) and original design manufacturing (ODM) for all your wholesale craft supplies needs.

We want to be able to support our clients in being as creative as possible, and we do this through breathing life into their prototypes and projects.

We offer a full range of options, from adult craft projects, kids craft projects, educational toys and STEM supplies.

Whatever your field of expertise or niche your vision may be, Panda Crafty wants to help by creating your line into wholesale craft supplies for the international market. 

13. Can we customize the design?

Yes, you’re welcome to customize the design. Get in contact with us and let us know about your vision for your craft supplies and we will do everything we can to create them and send them directly to your door.

Panda Crafty are willing to work with you to create the designs you want.

We offer custom shaped EVA foam, custom felt shapes, custom wood cuts, handmade wood buttons, handmade frame earrings etc. for our valued and creative clients. We offer custom quotes for custom designs for the majority of our wholesale craft supplies.

14. Can you provide us with images of the different types of custom packaging options?

Yes, we will send you images and options that match the wholesale arts and crafts item(s) you’ve requested.

We want our customers to understand what they can expect to receive once their wholesale craft supplies get to their door, that goes for the product itself and for the packaging.

15. Can the product itself be customized? Am I able to change certain elements?

We understand that our clients want their wholesale craft supplies to stand out and that’s why we try to offer as much customization as we can. Some of the elements can be changed, like felt supplies, wood cuts, paper card reprinting, etc.

You could talk with us your demands of the craft supplies you need, and what is the elements that you like to customized, panda crafty will review, sourcing, check with manufacturers and then make you a solution.

16. What are the logo options for the product?

We aim to offer our clients the most customization possible.

Get in touch with us so that we can provide as many options as possible for your wholesale craft supplies.

It is very dependent on the detailing, sizes you want and products you wish to have the logo put on.

17. How do I know if an item is out of stock?

Each product has a header dedicated to whether or not it is in stock and available to be ordered for your business in bulk.

Under ‘INSTOCK’ there will either be a yes or a no and that corresponds to whether or not the item is currently in or out of stock.

If there are items missing that you’re in great need of please send us a message and will do everything we can to try and help you source those wholesale craft supplies as quickly as possible.

18. Is there any way to lower the cost of shipping if purchasing an order of 10 or more items?

If the order is less than 2KG, there are more options available outside of freight shipping.

Further to that talk to us about your order and we’ll make sure we offer you the best shipping prices we possible can for your wholesale craft supplies sourcing needs.

19. And is it possible to ship with my own shipper?

Yes, of course.

We understand that wholesale craft supplies for businesses means interfacing with different shipping companies to make the ordering process most convenient for you.

20. Can you ship products to our customers without including the original price and watermark free?

Yes, with our drop shipping service, if you are a long-term client with us, you can have your wholesale craft supplies sent to your customers without including the original price and watermark free.

21. Can you ship my order fast to the USA or Europe in less than 7-10 days?

Yes, for this kind of priority shipping we use DHL.

The timeline for that kind of shipping method of our wholesale craft supplies is 2-3 days from purchase and inspection of the products, then 3-4 days to be shipped and arrive in the USA or Europe. We want to offer our international customers the most efficient craft sourcing directly from China as possible.

22. Can you ship to me via YunExpress or 4PX?

For our common wholesale craft supplies orders that are over 22KG, 100KG even 1000 KG, we don’t usually use YunExpress or 4PX. However, if you’d like to make use of their services, we’re always happy to accommodate.

23. Do you accept Paypal for payments?

Yes, if needed we’re happy to accommodate the use of Paypal to pay for orders.

Can we talk via WhatsApp?

Yes, this is our business WhatsApp: (+8613915054706). We’re happy to discuss your wholesale craft supplies needs as well as offering you custom pricing per induvial orders of wholesale craft supplies in bulk. 

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